Two cars prepped for Burford

We are in the finishing stages of preparation of Ian Burford’s Sprite based racers. The first is Lumbertubs. Named after the street it was built in back in 1963. It features a one of a kind aluminium roof and GT back with a Sebring Sprite bonnet. It has genuine period race history and will be back on track this season with the HRDC. Ian’s other car is his well known Lenham Le Mans, previously owned by Barry “Whizzo” Williams.

Lenham Le Mans hire car build

The Lenham Le Mans hire car is under construction. The basis for the car was our old Austin-Healey Sprite Racer which Tim Rhodes drove to win the MGOC Midget Challenge in 2005. The rear skins were cut from the car leaving just the boot floor and rear wheel arches. Ian has welded up a bar to stiffen the rear of the car between the two arches and has repaired the edges of the boot floor. Meanwhile I have been constructing a Lenham bonnet and Le Mans rear out of fibreglass. The body is now ready to meet the chassis. This car will recieve our full preparation service and be ready to hire next season for the HRDC Grand Touring Greats.

Lenham race carLenham Motor CompanyLenham GT roof mouldLenham bonnet front

3rd overall and 2nd in class for Lenham SS1800 at HRDC Grand Finale

Sunday didn’t start too well either after an oil cooler hose blew on the Lenham during qualifying. After only 1 flying lap Shaun still managed to qualify in 6th. A quick start from the Lenham put us up to 3rd place where we finished behind the Mini Jem of Rae Davis and the very quick Lotus Elite of Brain Arculus with a fastest lap of 135.259. Ian Burford did very well in his Lenham Le Mans finishing 7th over all with a time of 139.026. The 3rd Lenham of David Stubbings did not finish. 2 out of 3 is not bad considering not one of the 3 Ashley GT’s finished the race. Photos courtesy of Jeff Bloxham and Kelvin Fagan.

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