SS 1800

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This is a recreation of John Britten’s legendary Lenham GT Midget, which he raced during the second half of the 1966 season, during which he won no less than 14 races to take the Peter Collins Memorial Trophy, awarded to the most promising newcomer. For 1967 the regulations changed and cars had to retain the manufacturers standard silhouette. To comply, SS1800 was reverted back to the MG Midget shape, albeit out of fibreglass.┬áThe car has been rebuilt with the full co-operation of John Britten with input from Oliver Ball, his original mechanic who built the car. Oliver Ball also built racing Midgets for Gabriel Konig, John Northcott and Christian Favre and Archie Phillips.

The body is an MG Midget tub with sections from the original racer, glass fibre Ashley bonnet and Lenham GT rear end incorporating Coupe roof with smoke vent for drivers crash helmet. It has the original racers doors with aluminium skins and a custom fitted roll cage from Fabricage.┬áThe engine is a CCK ‘A’ Series with Morspeed head and Weber carburettors. Transmission has a Jack Knight straight cut gearbox with competition half shafts and LSD.

Shaun Rainford has driven this car in the Fordwater Trophy at Goodwood Revival and in the HRDC Grand Touring Greats race series.

John Britten Lenham SS1800John Britten Lenham SS1800John Britten Lenham SS1800John Britten Lenham SS1800John Britten Lenham SS1800Shaun Rainford and John Britten with SS1800